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Staying sane amidst corona-chaos

Sanity-saving hacks to tackle self-isolation

Staying sane amidst corona-chaos

‘Social distancing’… ahh introverts around the globe rejoice! For those without the superpowers of being natural homebodies or those struggling to stay calm during this time of uncertainty, you’re not alone and we’ve got your back! Here’s what we should all be doing amidst the corona-chaos.

For some, being asked to practice ‘social distancing’ is nothing out of the ordinary (hi fellow introvert friends, aka expert social distancers!)

Not to brag but we’ve been avoiding people wayyy before the COVID-19 outbreak. If this is one of the most helpful methods to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, you don’t have to tell us twice!

However, if you’re not the type to feel content cooped up in the house and want to make the most of self-isolation, we’re here with some sanity-saving tips.

Stay connected

Yes, social interaction is put on pause, but it’s important to still see your loved ones during this testing time. Let’s bring back the beauty of personally picking up the phone and actually talking to each other shall we? Make those Facetime appointments with your friends and family - it’s the best way to still feel connected at a distance!

Tap into creativity

Use this time to teach yourself a new skill. Whether its learning how to cook, a new language, reading more, drawing, painting or journaling – Diving into a creative outlet is extremely therapeutic!

We won’t judge if you’ve been considering learning one of those viral TikTok dances either, because let’s be real, we don’t know how long we’ll need to keep ourselves entertained. Anything goes at this point!

Get that body moving

Remember that New Year’s resolution you set for yourself? You know… the one we’re allll guilty of not always sticking to? Yep… working out and being active, that’s it! Well, there’s no excuses not to start now! Get your fit on with exercise apps like FitOna free workout app with a Netflix-style service. A quick at home work-out is a definite way to recharge, feel motivated and boost those endorphins when you’re stuck in the house.

When all has settled down, you’ll come out of quarantine feeling fit AF. (only if you resist the urge of eating all your quarantine snacks!).

Organise your home... and your life –

Sometimes cleaning your room feels like the equivalent to getting your life in order. Now’s the perfect time to go full on Marie Kondo – use self-isolation to not only declutter your house but also, your mind. It’s always a good idea to re-evaluate your personal goals and ask yourself, is this adding to my happiness? Write your plans, goals and dreams down on paper, it’s time to visualise and manifest what you want!

We totally get it if by day 7 you need a confidence boost from staying in your sweatpants all week long. To feel like you're having at least some sort of social interaction, swiping right to a few hotties on the dating apps doesn’t seem like a bad idea. And who knows, you could have a few dates waiting for you post-quarantine. Get it, girl!

Honestly, when’s the last time staying inside was actually considered an extremely helpful gesture?

What a time, introverts! Who're the cool kids now?

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