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The Gold Coast on a Budget

You don't have to break the bank to have fun on the GC!

Strapped for cash but looking for some classic GC action? You've come to the right place. Exploring the city like a local is honestly way more rewarding and cheaper than just hitting up the tourist hot spots, so here's the best places to visit on the cheap!

Currumbin Rock Pools

Beaches are iconic, and obviously you should be visiting the GC's iconic sand and sea. But these majestic rock pools are just a little bit more special, a little bit more unique. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but there's something a just very chill about sitting on a rock near a waterfall and feeling one with nature.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Lorikeet Feeding

For just a gold coin donation, you can feed the birds like the kids in Mary Poppins, but instead of pigeons, it's the beautiful lorikeet! A dollar too much to spare? Watching is free, and it's an experience in itself.

Harbour Town

Now not everything at Harbour Town is free, but with it's premium outlet shopping and generally pretty chill open air vibe, you can definitely while away a few hours and just window shop. It isn't just clothes either, there's everything from homeware to discount books to a whole Lindt store. Check it out for yourself!

Gold Coast Markets

The GC has a wide variety of regularly occuring markets, that have actually been talked about before on the site. Go read that article for more detail, but just know the Gold Coast has some amazing markets with various trinkets and treats for you to grab at a steal.

Pelican Feeding at Ian Dipple Lagoon

While the classic feature film The Birds may have made the idea of watching a swarm of avians seem a little daunting, rest assured this is less scary and more merry. This is a fun, exciting ritual that children regularly take part in, where you can get a little closer to the majestic creatures and then take a dip in the beach.

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

These are just very pretty. Like, extremely pretty. Take a look. This is a gorgeously curated public space where you can fill an afternoon with a picnic, a wander through or even witness a wedding, although we suggest you don't invite yourself to that. Although we can't control how you spend your day!

So there you have it, just a few of the ways you can enjoy a day on the Gold Coast without utterly annihilating your back account. This is a city brimming with such a wide variety of experiences, and you deserve to see more than just Main Beach, Surfer's Paradise, and the theme parks, although they are great too (did you see the new stuff going on at Sea World?!). But there's more for cheap here, which is amazing. Balling on a budget, baby!

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