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The Great Queensland Getaway Guide

Trick or Retreat

The Great Queensland Getaway Guide

We’ve emerged from our houses and into the world once more and there is much to see… Many may wish to travel and depart from their homes for a few days, to do something with the family or have a day away with some friends. If this should be you, you’ve stumbled upon fountains of luck. From treehouse homes to painting pinot Picasso, we have you covered with this great escape. Here’s what you can get up to in our lovely Queensland…


Kanimbia Luxury Glamping | Something Special in the Airbnb

A private luxury tent in the green parklands of Kanimbia Homestead. Relax in the claw foot bath, watch DVDs in the day bed, stargaze by the firepit at night. The unique glamping experience included bath salts and wines overlooking the billabong. If you need a breather from the city, take your days to the Kanimbia Homestead.


Noosa Hinterland Hideaway | All In A Holiday's Work

Kin Kin is the heart of Noosa hinterland with only a 30 minute drive to Noosa. Have a break from busy city life and head to Noosa Hinterland! Relax on the deck of your cabin with a wine or go and explore all the hinterland has to offer. Also available is an onsite Yoga Massage, with Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the quiet...


Half Day Brewery & Distillery Tastings | Deja Brew

Taste the diverse explosions of flavours from each locally made craft beer and spirit all while learning the insightful topes and stories from the brew staff and beer pilot!


Pinot and Picasso Paint and Sip | Drinking Rich

Be guided through a step-by-step for your selected artwork as you take in the great soundtrack, expert instruction and a few sips of wine that will be moving you closer to releasing your inner Picasso.


Tamborine Delights Full Day Wine Tour | The Graped Crusader

Scenis drives through lush rain forests as you head to the top of Mt Tamborine, and begin your day at the Queensland Wine Centre to samples wines from all over the state. Visit boutiques wineries and enjoy handcrafted cheese and crackers, sipping wine in the sun. A 2-course gourment meal will be provided before you visit the lookout and enjoy the Gallery Walk to sample liquers and vodkas from award winning distilleries.


Secret Kayak Waterways | Beachy Keen

Enjoy the calm and serene Noosa waterways and head into Eenie Creek to explore the glass-like waters and the beautiful stingrays. With the shallow water, you can enjoy the scenes of all different kinds and glide effortlessly through mangroves and bush.

If you're in need of a holiday, don't fret! Queensland is full of beautiful destinations just waiting for you to visit. Take the weekend away with yourself, friends or a romantic getaway...or if you only have time for a day, there is still plenty of mischief to get up to...

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