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Top 10 ICONIC Kath And Kim Moments

Look at me, look at me, look at meeeee!

Top 10 ICONIC Kath And Kim Moments

Kath & Kim has the enduring cultural legacy in Australia that only something quite so Aussie can. Soapy romance, heartbreaking betrayal, and even international intrigue full the minutes of this iconic sitcom, so sit back and enjoy a Kath & Kim top 10 list! It’s noice, it’s interesting, very different.

1. Kath’s Missing Urges

Kath Day-Knight is the foxiest lady in her household (sorry Kimmie, you’re still a hornbag) but even she went through some issues in the bedroom. Taking it to therapy, we get introduced to the iconic Marion, who’s yogi voice and direct, serene horniness makes for a hilariously uncomfortable time.

2. Kim’s Pirate Look

Poor Kim. We’ve all been there, dressed in what we think are the nines, when in reality it’s all a little costume-y. Aye, aye, captain. Unfortunately, that embarrassment bubbles out in the ways we all know would be satisfying, if unfortunate, when Kim misunderstands a child and strikes out. Kim’s brand of teenaged bitchiness is oddly relatable, and sometime we all want to just let the inner Kimmie out.

3. Footy Betrayal

Footy is a religion for some people, and when Kel shows his true colours and turns up in Swans merch. There’s something so real in her panicked, angry screams of “Get Out”, so visceral, such drama. Their marriage might be stronger than steel, but wearing the wrong colours is as hurtful as Gary walking out on them.

4. Sharon’s Love Life

Well Sharon has only herself to blame for this one, but her brand of pathetic lovelornness is so endearing, you’ll forgive her more Kim-like moments. She’s just so eager to please that you can’t really get mad at her, even when she’s pestering her best friend’s (not reciprocated) family or lusting over Shane Warne of all people.

5. Chunts

Kim isn’t smart. Now, we’re not calling her stupid, but for things like literacy, numeracy, or general knowledge, you really couldn’t find a worse person to turn to. That’s why, when she attempts to expand her vocabulary, or even just use regular words, it can go terribly wrong. But if that’s true, it’s also true that she’s quick with a comeback. She may not be smart, but her mouth is!

6. Kath’s Getting Older

Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and seen a few fine lines that weren’t there the last time they looked? Kath’s only as looks obsessed as the rest of us, really. Kim’s a bit of a bully here, particularly since it’s the lead up to her mum’s nuptials, but really, is it any worse than Kath’s comments about Kim’s weight? We don’t know, we just like when she moves like a chicken.

7. The Switch Up

Kath and Kim switching personalities, or even becoming worse versions of each other, was completely unexpected and definitely funny. Kath’s turn to be a belligerent teen in the body of a middle aged woman was funny, but there’s an element of terror in seeing Kim take the form of an eager to please housewife. The fact she’s nice to Sharon is enough to set things on edge. Damn near a horror movie, that.

8. Look At Moi

We finally get to the catchphrase that still has a chokehold on a nation. Look at me, the lead up to so many jokes, so many insults, so many brilliant ideas, it’s more important to the Aussie consciousness than the National Anthem, and a damn sight less likely to start drama. Truly, we should consider removing it all together, and replacing it with a chant of “Look At Me” at all sporting events and assemblies.

9. The Theme Song

Gina Riley put her whole foot in this one. Not only is the intro itself hi-larious, with the Dynasty like dramatic poses, the perfectly out of date outfits, the best pantsuits in all of television history, but the song is a banger. The joker is truly us for not just replacing all music with this one song, and if there is any justice in the world, it’ll be bigger than Despacito one day.

10. The Movie

The bloody movie. Released in 2012, and probably the thing that prevented the Mayan calender from taking effect, Kath & Kimderella is all the drama of Fountain Lakes, but taken overseas, where Kim becomes the princess she deserves to be. We won’t spoil the plot any more than that, but rest assured it’s not only a great view, but a necessary one. Real Aussies agree.

So, there you have it, 10 amazing Kath & Kim moments. Were your favourites on the list? Probably not, these things are all subjective and quite honestly, it’s hard to pick a top 10 over 4 seasons when everything is so good. You’ll just have to rewatch to find out. Kath & Kim is available on Netflix, or a full DVD boxset.

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