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Top Iconic Food Pairings and Where to Find them on the Gold Coast

Flavours that complete each other

Top Iconic Food Pairings and Where to Find them on the Gold Coast

Here is a list of the top food pairings that are so iconic they seem to just roll off the tongue, like Kim and Kanye or Jay-z and Beyonce. Of course, we can count on the Gold Coast having the best restaurants and cafes to find them.

📷: Seb Reivers

Fish and Chips | Charis Brothers

It’s hard to find a moment where Charis Brothers Seafood shop is quiet. They are a local staple, with a large menu and a built-in fresh seafood shop. Be sure to catch their daily pelican feeding sessions, where you can get up close and personal with a whole squad of pelicans.

📷: Alexandra Kusper

Tea and Scones | Mannequin’s Cafe

Mannequin’s Café might be hard to find if you are distracted by clothing as situated outside of Myer on the first floor. This café serves delightful tea and scones and has received the tick of approval from innumerable mothers and aunties alike.

📷: Anastasiia Blanad

Coffee and Croissant | Le Bon Choix

At Le Bon Choix, you know you are bound to received exquisite barista-made coffee and pastry chef made croissants. Now, these aren’t run-of-the-mill coffee and croissants. They come with the taste that could transport you to a street café in Paris. There is also the wonderful option to treat yourself with a delectable (and highly recommended) almond croissant.

📷: Husk Distillers

Gin and dinner | Husk Distillery

The Husk Distillery offer private dinners twice a month and do all the food pairing for you. Luxurious food paired with Ink Gin-based cocktails has all the flavours you need for an indulgent night out.

📷: Dani Roverotto

Chicken and Beer | Dae bark

Chicken and beer is an iconic duo in Korea, and pretty much everywhere else too. The crisp of the chicken and the crisp of the beer, there’s really nothing like it. The fried chicken at Daebark tastes so good it’ll make you mad that the word diet exists. The restaurant is unassuming from the outside but gets pretty busy at night time so you’ll need to have a game plan to get a seat.

📷: Milky Lane

Burger and Fries | Milky Lane

It’s almost impossible to order a burger without ordering a side of fries with it and rightfully so when this flavour combo is so good. Milky Lane serves American-style burgers that are good right till the last bite. Their restaurants are super cool with hip hop inspired décor and cool beats pumping to set the right vibe.

📷: Wright Brand

Bacon and Eggs | Elk Espresso

Waking up to this iconic flavour pairing is probably how a lot of us start our days. At Elk Espresso, they have the most Instagrammable breakfasts in town. Their double-smoked bacon and eggs are a classic staple on the already yummy breakfast menu.

📷: Bruna Branco

Pasta and Cheese | Love Italy

Pasta and cheese go hand in hand like Romeo and Juliet. It’s a match made in heaven and it tastes like it too. Love Italy covers all the iconic kinds of pasta (and pizzas) you can think of. Their pasta are also affordable AF, therefore you’ll have to control yourself so you don’t end up eating there every night of the week. Mamma Mia!

📷: Taylor Kiser

Curry and naan | Randhawa’s Indian Cuisine

As winter is nearing, a hearty curry and naan combo is a staple in many cultures and is just what you need to warm your soul. In previous years, this restaurant has been voted best Indian cuisine on the coast, so you know the locals approve of this place. Their extensive menu means there is something for everyone and you definitely won’t go hungry.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Gold Coast has you sorted so that you never have to eat bland and unexciting food. These beloved and iconic food pairings make you believe that there is such a thing as the perfect match.

📷: Elk Cafe

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