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Ultimate Bucket List of Gold Coast 2020 Openings

Sip sip hooray, let’s go out and play!

Ultimate Bucket List of Gold Coast 2020 Openings

Here’s the ultimate bucket list of the newest, coolest, funkiest, freshest and fun-tabulous things to do on the Gold Coast for 2020! And what we are looking forward to opening in 2021... Bring it on!


Fly high like Artie Pie in the sky, it’s an aquatic experience from above. The Gold Coast is gorgeous, love, and have you seen it from above? Probably not, you aren’t a bird. Cloud9Seaplanes has you covered regardless, as you can now take in all 360 of Moreton Bay’s islands, pick out whales from above and settle in for a picnic on South Stradbroke Island. Super luxe, super cute and super unique, it’s everything you deserve for a romantic getaway or an opulent family day out. What the bloody hell are you waiting for?

Ms Margot Bar & Eats

This place feels super elegant, ok? Like a nice pants and closed in shoes type of establishment. Situated in the lobby of the Hilton, this bar and restaurant has a classy vibe and thus is the obvious place to take your in-laws to impress them. Because we all know you want to impress them. Sip on a cocktail in your fanciest digs and try and not scarf down the delicious king prawns while making adult conversation. It’s a definite vibe.

El Camino Cantina

What doesn’t sound good about frozen margaritas and a chargrilled fajita? It’s like heaven! With the opening of the new El Camino Cantina on the Promenade waterfront at Robina Town Centre, you can enjoy an electrifying atmosphere with some delicious Tex-Mex without having to haul-ass to the Sunshine Coast. We could all do with some spice in our life.

Duke’s Parlour

Surf’s Up! That isn’t just a movie about surfing penguins, it’s the cry of the ocean and there are few places that embody that mantra more than Duke’s Plaza. There’s truly no place chiller. Built in honour of ‘The Duke’ Kahanamoku, this cocktail bar is a dream, with eclectic music, great drinks and even delectable woodfire pizzas. Lean back with a signature cocktail like a Charlie Chaplin and just vibe out with a few friends, in honour of ‘The Duke’.


Across the bridge, under darkness, tucked away in a mystery only to be solved by red palm trees and the words of the divine, Veladora is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in some delicious cocktails and irreverent stained glass. We can't really say too much, lest the experience be spoiled, but this cocktail bar is definitely an experience you've never had before.

Harbour Town Eats

Let’s take a look at Harbour Town Eats. Harbour Town has long since been a mainstay of the Gold Coast experience. The shopping is amazing, bae, the cinema is to die for with its full renovations and the vibes are always just perfect no matter what shop you’re in. With the recent addition of the Eats section, you can now walk under spectacular new landscaping and snack on whatever your heart desires, from sushi to fried chicken to frozen yogurt. Stuffing your face is a right, not a privilege. There’s literally nothing more fulfilling that grabbing a bite after a day out at Harbour Town and this new addition just makes it even better.


HOTA Gallery

You’re unlikely to find a portrait of someone who looks eerily like you and pretend to commit suicide as part of a murder plot at the Gold Coast’s Home of the Arts, but with the opening of the new gallery in 2021 will allow you to see some of the best art in Australia displayed on the walls, on the floor and in the landscaping outside. And much like Vertigo it’s bound to be a satisfying experience. To put it in simpler terms, HOTA’s newest refurb is just freaking cool!

The New Atlantis at Seaworld

Unless you’re a mermaid from the iconic cinema classic H20: Just Add Water, you should be fine getting a bit wet at one of the Gold Coast’s major theme parks. Sea World has been undergoing some renovations recently -where’s that season of The Block?- and the results look like they’re going to be AMAZING. On top of their already world class marine exhibits, this 2020-2021 park extensions will include an entirely new area and three new thrill rides. The only thing you’ll be able to say is ahhhhh!, which is more than enough.

Cali Beach Club

If luxury is a state of mind, and California is a state of mind, it goes to be that California is a luxurious place and the Cali Beach Club is luxury personified on the Gold Coast. Maybe that’s a bit convoluted, but the experience of visiting this noice club, opening 2021, is anything but that. It’s very different, very unique, right? Take a sneaky dip in one of the four pools, relax in one of the exclusive cabanas, eat at one of 2 exclusive restaurants or even enjoy a film under the moonlight, wrapped up on a fresh Californian style that’ll leave you breathless.

2020 is not over yet and you deserve to go out, have fun and enjoy everything the city has to offer. Don’t let your year go out with a whimper, explore everything on offer and indulge in the food, fun and festivities!

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