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Unleash Your Inner Chef

Five Cooking Classes Perfect For Unleashing Your Inner Chef

Unleash Your Inner Chef

Cooking. Some of us were born to cook, and some of us are allergic to the kitchen and could probably set fire to the stove top given half the chance. It's a skill that not everyone is born with, but cooking classes are popping up all over the Coast and are opening their hearts and kitchens to teach us all the secrets behind cooking totally drool-worthy dishes in our own homes. Whether it's Vegan and Vegetarian food or Pizza and Pasta feasts, you'll find a cooking class to suit all of your foodie desires - And with the weather less than perfect, is there any better time to cuddle up to a big plate of Pizza than now?

Wild Lime Cooking School | Darlington

So this one's a little further out from the Coast, but if you're genuinely looking to expand your cooking skills in a friendly, welcoming environment, Wild Lime Cooking School has got you covered. One of the best cooking schools in Queensland (with some of the best kitchen views as well!), you'll be welcomed with tea or coffee before launching into a two-hour cooking class, finishing off the day with a decadent three-course lunch and heading home with a bag full of recipes and a head full of new skills! Priced at $145 per person, you'll be taught how to cook and assemble restaurant-worthy dishes from all over the world, with classes covering everything from Italian Seafood to Asian Banquets. Want to go out for a cooking class with your gal pals? Why not grab ten of your friends and book yourselves a private class!

Icon Cookery School | Robina Town Centre

We've all eaten at The Kitchens in Robina - But what if you could cook the same mouthwatering dishes whenever the heck you wanted? Apart from hosting an awesome number of delicious cafe's and restaurants, The Kitchens also plays host to Icon Cookery School, one of the leading companies for commercial chef training in Queensland. Whether you're allergic to the kitchen or a total foodie, Icon has some seriously fun classes available for pretty much everyone, with everything from international cooking to pastry and dessert making, as well as plenty of classes to help you perfect your knife skills. Oh, did I mention they also pair several of their classes with wine and cocktails?

Salt Meats Cheese | Surfers Paradise

Salt Meats Cheese is legendary for stuffing us full of carbs in the form of delicious Pizza and Pasta Cheese Wheels - And they even run cooking classes too! Staying true to their Pizza and Pasta roots, Salt Meats Cheese offers epic Pizza and Pasta Masterclasses every Saturday afternoon, teaching us the craft behind creating the perfect pizza base or pasta dough to impress all of your friends at home. Priced at $89 for Pasta classes and $69 for Pizza classes, you'll get the chance to make your own tasty creations from scratch, before sitting down with a glass of wine to enjoy the fruits of your labour once it's done!

Tenteram Fine Foods | Currumbin Valley

The Currumbin Valley is full of hidden gems, and one of those is Tenteram Fine Foods! Hidden out in the rainforest, Tenteram Fine Foods offers Healthy Asian, Balinese, Vegetarian and Vegan cooking classes, teaching us how to cook healthy, mouth-watering dishes without all the added sugar and unhealthy extras! Running for four hours from 10am to 2pm, you'll be greeted with a drink on arrival before finishing off with feasting on all of the food you've just created - And who doesn't want to spend an entire day enjoying food?

Double Zero | Broadbeach

Is there any better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than making and eating hand-crafted Pizza? We didn't think so. Running every first and third Saturday afternoon of the month, Double Zero's head chef will teach you the secrets behind making the perfect Pizza over the course of three hours, teaching you everything from how to make and shape the dough to how to choose the perfect toppings for a totally drool-worthy pizza! The best part is you get to eat it at the end - So why not?

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