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What's New & Who's Who With GC's Up & Coming Talent

The Gold Coast's got talent

What's New & Who's Who With GC's Up & Coming Talent

The Gold Coast is oozing with talent. From musicians to bars to eateries, cafes and clothing lines, we’ve truly got it all here on the GC. With the Gold Coast becoming a serious hot spot for all things fun and funky, a bunch of awesome new bits and bobs are opening across the Coast, as well as a bunch of up-and-coming musicians hitting the scene. Luckily, we’ve got all the inside scoop so you can go and check it all out and see just how talented our locals are.


Sip sip hooray. A secret new underground Veladora (named after a true Mexican classic - a Mezcal glass made from prayer candle holders) is more than meets the eye. Slip inside and discover the Gold Coast’s hottest bartenders slinging signature margaritas, pouring ice-cold Tecate and shaking up the city’s cocktail scene. Take a walk on the wild side with bar snacks that run from black guacamole with green ant and mealworm-seasoned salsa, squid ink-infused popcorn, spicy peanut and cricket trail mix and decadent duck parfait with cherry jelly and brioche. Cross the bridge where the monorail once lived, find the red palm tree for entry. Exclusive, seductive and intimate.


The talented team who brought us Burleigh’s Margarita Cartel are opening a brand new Italian restaurant right next door. The best part? If you and the crew go for a cheeky dinner, you can order from either establishment. The Don will be slinging all your favourite Italian favourites, including authentic woodfired pizzas, creamy burrata and pillowy gnocchi.


Singer/songwriter Tyler Vivian is just what the Gold Coast needs. His sweet songs full of passion and soul are a welcome addition to the Gold Coast music scene, he’s got the voice of an absolute angel.


Ella Fence brings some seriously cool electronic-pop music to the Gold Coast that guarantee a good time. Catch her at the odd festival or lock her in for your next event, you won’t regret it!


Sweet, sweet baked goods. You know you love ‘em. Kylie’s Cupcakery brings all your sugar dreams to one location, with a cabinet full of treats that sell out within hours. My tip? Grab a mixed pack for a flavour explosion.


Tracie offers art workshops as well as commissioned pieces, and boy are they a marvel. Specialising in acrylic painting, Tracie’s pieces bring any room to life, and she’s already a hot commodity. Gaining inspiration from the Gold Coast’s environment, Tracie’s art is raw, sensual and oh so special.


Set to open at the end of 2020, the Bobs Beer Brewery is finally almost ready to open their doors. Gold Coasters have been waiting patiently for this one, and we’re excited to say the wait is almost over. Having beers with your pals is part of the Gold Coast lifestyle, and this brand new brewery will be pouring their own brew as well as a bunch of other esteemed local and international beers.

The Gold Coast’s talent is truly booming, with a whole bunch of new musos, restaurants and artists hitting the scene. Why not check them out?

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