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Word on the Street #183

Welcome to Paradise

Word on the Street #183

The Gold Coast is synonymous with great ocean views and every beachy, so why not enjoy it. From luxury yachts, exquisite seafood, and the pro surfers who know our beaches best, the Gold Coast naturally puts on a show every day.

📷 : Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show | Seas the day

May 20 – 23

Sail away at the southern hemisphere’s premier lifestyle marine event, which will feature the world’s leading brands and exclusive launches. Let your Beverly Hills Housewives dream set sail as you board sleek 100ft superyachts and ultra-cool catamarans. It’s a day for the whole family with cooking demonstrations, fishing masterclasses, and an interactive Kid Zone. You’re next nautical adventure awaits.

📷 : Surfing Australia

Fanning inducted into the Australian Surfing Awards | Surf’s up

Three-time World Champion Mick Fanning joins world-renowned Aussie legends after recently being inducted into the Surfing Australia Hall of Fame. The surfer has had such an amazing career from escaping sharks to world titles. It makes you want to get off the couch and do something (three world titles like c’mon wow).

📷 : Joolz

Katanak Music Release | Summer Daze

Single launch party – 14th May

If you’re feeling down about summer being over, this new single has pop vibes with a touch of surf rock, which means summer is never far away when this track is playing. Katanak is collaborating with Gold Coast local JOOLZ to bring you the ultimate ode to summer. You can boogie on with this song at the single launch tomorrow at Tomcat in Fortitude Valley.

📷 : Gods of the Sea

Gods of the Sea | Oh my COD

Gods of the Sea are cooking up the best (and sustainably sourced) of what is found under the sea. A restaurant that serves divine desserts and scrumptious seafood, you wouldn’t want to miss the oppor-tuna-ty to try all this restaurant has to offer.

Pristine beaches, champion surfers, wonderful live entertainment, and the food to match, celebrating all that the Gold Coast has to offer is easy when it is the best place to live.

📷 : Alex Van Kampen

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