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GC Word on the Street #47

Slam, Street Food, Salutations!

GC Word on the Street #47

Free yoga classes are increasingly rare, but we’ve tracked one down for you. A focus on mindfulness forces you to draw inward as your body is pushed to the limits on the outside. Channel this for a live poetry reading, or reward yourself with Asian street food and botanical cocktails down at the Bazaar. We won’t judge.

108 Sun Salutations | Mermaid Beach

As a health hype Westernised the world of yoga, aerobatics, reformer and a range of other equipment are utilised to treat the ancient practice as a workout. This free class draws you back to the principles of Hinduism and yoga. The number has long been considered sacred, represented by malas with 108 beads, plus one for the guru bead. The other beads turn around this one like planets around the sun. There are 108 pithas through India and there are 108 Upanishas and 108 marma points, or sacred areas of the body. In turn, there are 108 flows in this class. By the end, you’ll be wishing the sacred number wasn’t quite so high.

Alternator Poetry | Dust Temple

Come and share your words at Alternator Poetry Night. Throughout the night, there is an open mic for spoken word, with a three-minute time limit. Sign up is at the door and there is room for all. Live music will be jamming, a feature poet will start slamming and a comedian injects humour into an otherwise precise and poignant evening.

Chinatown Street Markets | Southport

Oriental colour, flavour and ambience will steal the streets of Southport on September 2nd. Feed your senses with aromatic street food, brought to you fresh from the streets of China, Japan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines and Korea. This authentic Asian food experience unites family and friends in the heart of the Gold Coast CBD, alive with culture and entertainment. A waste-free initiative means bottled water will not be sold at the event. Instead, free water refills aim to keep our streets plastic-free.

Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Gardening Expo| Nerang

Supported by Tropical Fruit World, the Gold Coast Gardening Expo is a green event to educate and inspire nature lovers. Garden enthusiasts of all levels are welcomed to join and discuss urban gardening and sustainable living. A variety of plants will be available for purchase, as well as botanical art pieces. Come along to learn how to attract birds and butterflies to your backyard, or how to maintain Native and European bees. Thanks to Burleigh Brewing, Ink Gin and Sirromet Wines there will be a wonderful selection of curious colour changing cocktails, topped with edible flowers.

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Jamie-Lee Rowley

Jamie-Lee Rowley

I’m a creative-visualist that loves bees, beers and devouring well-written books. A 70s babe, born in the 90s. I appreciate marmalade skies, write poems exploring female sexuality and equality and walk barefoot along off-beaten tracks. You’ll find me searching through vintage stalls, staring at obscure art, helping out at local markets, crowd surfing at live music events and sampling every acai the coast has to offer. As a certified Nutritional Therapist, I advocate sustainable living in the sun, the salt and the studio, a statue in Warrior II.