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Your Australian Travel Bucket List

Ten Places To Disappear To This Christmas Holidays

Your Australian Travel Bucket List

Can you hear the holidays calling? Christmas is just a few months away (already!), which means it's time to seriously start thinking about where you want to travel to during your Christmas time off. While Sydney and Melbourne are great and all, we thought you might want to head to somewhere a little bit more unique (and a little more Insta-worthy) this Christmas holidays - So why not grab your gal pals and book your flights?

Uluru | Northern Territory

In my humble opinion, Uluru has to be seen to be believed - And everyone has to go and see it. Protruding directly from the ground with no real beginning or end, Uluru is truly one of Australia's greatest phenomenon's, and walking around the whole thing is an absolute must-do. Pick from one of the three walks and learn the stories behind each of the sacred sites, alongside trying out bush tucker and learning traditional medicines on the way! If you're a little more adventurous you can also take the more unique route and tandem skydive over the rock - And if you're planning on doing that, we highly recommend going closer to sunset so that you can see the rock change colour as the light fades!

Great Barrier Reef

What's better than taking some holiday leave and heading up North to experience one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs? Holding the title of world's largest reef, the Great Barrier Reef is made up of over 3000 different reef systems, with hundreds of species' of marine life hiding amongst the coral fronds. Grab your friends and spend the day out Whale watching or admiring the coral from a glass bottom boat, or get amongst it by grabbing your swimmers and heading out on a boat for a day of swimming among the fish! If you've got a little extra cash (and you're not afraid of breathing underwater), you can also book to go SCUBA Diving on the Reef - And take it from me, it's an absolutely unforgettable experience!

Kangaroo Island | South Australia

Ever wanted to spend a week relaxing on beautiful white beaches surrounded by sparkling water? Yeah, me too. Kangaroo Island is an island immediately West of Adelaide, with over 500 kilometers of coastline perfect for sunbathing and enjoying Australian summer. Home to dozens of Pelicans, Koala's and even Sea Lions (which you'll probably see sunbathing on the beach as well!), Kangaroo Island is a haven for all kinds of Fauna, many of which you can see in their natural habitat just by taking a walk around the Island! If you call yourself a foodie you'll also want to make their cafe's, restaurants and cellar doors a top priority - Some of Australia's finest food and wine comes from Kangaroo Island! Sipping, sunbathing and savouring some seriously gourmet dishes this Christmas? Um, #yesplease!

The Twelve Apostles | Great Ocean Road, Victoria

If you're looking to go on a road trip, we've found the perfect one for you. Beginning at Torquay and continuing all the way to Allansford (so just under 250 kilometers) the Great Ocean Road is an absolute must do for anyone wanting to road trip - And The Twelve Apostles are a must-see along the way! Currently with eight remaining above the waterline, The Twelve Apostles are one of Australia's most iconic landmarks, standing solemnly on the beach as the waves crash through. Head down to the Twelve Apostles viewing platform at sunset and watch the sun go down from the point, then keep your eyes peeled on the waters edge - If you're lucky, you might even spot the resident Fairy Penguins emerging from the surf!

Wineglass Bay | Tasmania

Ok, but you know anywhere with the word wine in it's name is going to be good. Cold in Winter but comfortable in Summer, Wineglass Bay is the place to go if you need some serious R&R, surrounded by lush bushland and picturesque cliffs that should totally make it onto your Insta-feed. Right on the East coast of Tasmania, Wineglass Bay is one of the only places in the world where you'll find pink granite mountains rising straight from the sea, forming a secluded and secure Bay perfect for swimming, kayaking, or simply enjoying the Summer sun. It's also bordered by a national park, so once you're done sunbathing you can grab your thongs and your shorts and head up the beach to go for a bushwalk!

Whitsundays | Queensland

We've all seen the photos - Sparkling beach surrounded by pristine water, all topped off with a cloudless, bright blue sky. The Whitsunday's and Whitehaven Beach are pretty incredible, and even more so when you're sailing around them in a Yacht - But if you're only working on a normal person's paycheck, you can still enjoy it too! Made up of 74 islands with thousands of kilometres of glittering coastline between them, it's easy to forget about everything else in life when you're sunbathing on ultra white sand or sailing between the islands on an Island Boat tour. Head off on a boat and spend the day enjoying pristine beaches and snorkeling in crystal clear water, or book yourself a flight and view all the wonders of the Whitsunday Islands from the air! If you're wanting something truly incredible (or truly romantic), there's also sunset boat tours... Does someone want to take me?

Nimbin | NNSW

There's nowhere quite like Nimbin... Full of bright colours, music and unique creations, Nimbin is a world away from everything we're familiar with, and a super cool place to go for a holiday if you're looking to go somewhere a little bit different! Surrounded by beautiful rainforests and cascading waterfalls, there's plenty of walking tracks for you to go and explore, but if you just want to stick around town, we can promise you'll find plenty to do there as well. Check out the fresh farmers markets on every Wednesday afternoon (full of the best produce you can find), or wander among the shops, full of bright clothing and colourful trinkets that you'll totally love. There's also plenty of cool wooden cafe's and restaurants around, so even if you can't stay for a few nights, why not pop in for coffee or lunch?

Horizontal Waterfalls | Talbot Bay, Western Australia

No, we're not kidding. There's a thing called Horizontal Waterfalls, and they're in Australia. Described as one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, the Horizontal Falls are created when the fast-moving tidal current squeezes between two narrow gorges, pushing the water out at such a rapid pace that it becomes a waterfall on its side! Hidden between gorges, the Horizontal Waterfalls aren't accessible by car, but if you want to go and see them in all their glory you can book yourself a helicopter tour and see them from the air! For all the thrill-seekers out there, you can also book yourself onto a boat tour and speed straight through the waterfall - Just don't forget to hang on tight!

Wave Rock | Western Australia

If you need another reason to visit Western Australia this Summer, this is it. Formed over 20 million years ago, Wave Rock is the biggest and most incredible flared slope in Australia, towering at 14 metres high and stretching along the ground for 110 metres. Known for its stunning colours, Wave Rock changes colours as the light changes, going from a bright red to brown as the sun comes up or down (so you should definitely go and check it out at sunrise or sunset). It's also open to the public, so the next time you go to Western Australia you can get up nice and personal with this natural wonder!

Pink Lakes | Western Australia

Yes, you read that correctly - Western Australia also has 100% legit pink lakes! And we're not talking about slightly pink, mostly clear water - We mean bright, bubblegum pink water! Located off shore on Middle Island, Lake Hillier is one of Australia's greatest phenomenon's, with the water shining a bright, bubblegum pink at all times during the year! Still somewhat of a mystery to scientists (although it's suspected that the water is pink due to a reaction between salt and sodium bicarbonate), Lake Hillier is a sight to behold - And the best way to do that is from the air. Inaccessible to tourists from the land, you can get the opportunity to enjoy Lake Hillier in all its glory from a helicopter ride, flying right over the lake for the perfect shot! #TotallyInstaworthy, right?

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