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10 Creative Date Ideas

Dating adventures for a bit more spice

10 Creative Date Ideas

The whole ‘dinner and a movie’ routine is all good and well, we all love a good movie, but sometimes change is a good thing. There’s so much more out there that can be spice things up from the monotony of everyday life. So, grab the bae, the SO, the Mister or the Missus and start a new adventure every time date night (or day) comes around.


Sometimes you just need some time to appreciate the natural beauty bestowed upon us, and what better way than doing it with the one you love. Grab the keys and just drive, find a spot with the most stars and lie back and relax. Make a night of it even, tents and all (or the back of the ute, perhaps) and play 20 questions; there’s always more to learn about a person regardless of how long you’ve been together. Try and find the most random topics to ask about.


Change up the dinner and a movie or Netflix and chill and explore a little. It might be different than what you're used to, but at least you can say you’ve tried it. Who knows, you both may find a love for theatre you never knew you had. At the very least, you can make whispered commentary together in the crowd and have a story to tell.


Time for some fresh air! Yep, that’s right, outdoors time. Might be a little daunting at first, but once you get going and the serotonin starts pumping, you may find yourself wanting more. Even better, you get to share it with your date. You’ll get to bond with and challenge each other on the way and enjoy the view together when you get to the top.


Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? Whether it’s a double date or one on one, these are bound to be a fun time. See who gets or even beats the highest score, or who can come up with the best way to distract the other to give you a better chance of winning. We’re all kids at heart, let it show for a couple hours.


There’s plenty of places looking for volunteers and it will be something completely different than you’re used to. You get to do some interesting things, maybe even some good deeds, while spending time with your date.


Double dating or just for the two of you, teams or verses, time to be the badasses you know you are. If you bruise easily or have low pain tolerance, laser tag is the way to go, if not, find some old clothes and get down and dirty with paintball. Both are bound to bring out some competitive streaks, but it’s all in the fun and spirit of the game. Maybe try and let your date win a round or two, to make things more interesting.


Whether you both enjoy cooking or not, you can gain some more skills together and have fun while doing it (it’s always more fun with somebody). Time to see how well you both take instructions and behave yourself while in public. It can be hard, we know, but at least you’ll have a new recipe or two to try.


Put that cooking class to the test and cook (or bake) something together. Blast some music, or maybe you and the boo can go acapella style and make your own music, and get in the groove. If it turns into a food fight, well who can blame you.


Get the adrenaline pumping, whether you’re jumping from an actual plane or not quite ready for that just yet. A creative date for the adrenaline junkie couple or just those of you who want to do something particularly out of the ordinary with your other half to get the blood rushing. Be the couple others envy and live on the wild side.


Get in sync with each other and join a dance class. Whether it’s the Salsa, the Waltz or even Latin or Swing, you can spend time together while learning something new. You might have a hidden talent you’ve never known about, and if not, you can have some fun and a laugh with your other half. And hey, you might just come away with a new party trick.

There are lots of ways to keep the creativity and the spark going, all you need is a little adventure and fun and you’re good to go. You and your boo can start a date adventure; a new date every time!

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Alexa Willis

Alexa Willis

I’m a creative writer and film enthusiast at heart. Give me a good book or enthralling movie and I’m good to go. Better yet, put some paper and a pen in my path and I’m ready to take on the world. I love trying new things, whether it’s a new cafe around the corner, attending a film premier, checking out new markets or seeking the next new event or concert in the area. I’m enjoying the spoils of Gold Coast life currently, and ready to continue exploring, both locally and beyond, with my pen at the ready.