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9 Fab Ideas For Fun With Friends

Those who play together, stay together

9 Fab Ideas For Fun With Friends

The point of hanging with the peeps is to do something that isn’t just scrolling through your phone or being inactive. We’ve all had that conversation. You know the: “what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Sometimes we just need a little prompting for some fun activities to do with friends when the boredom strikes.


Crack open the board games, the cards, and any other type of game you have lying around (Trivial Pursuit is always a laugh). Whether their new or classics, nights like these give you the chance to relax while having fun with some of your favourite people. Maybe pop a bottle while you’re at it and see how ridiculous it can get. If you’re looking for a risk, pull out the Monopoly board and put your friendship to the test.


If you’re feeling inspired, you could take the game night one step further and make your own board game. Whether it’s your own version of an already existing one or entirely new, it can be just as fun as playing it. Grab the squad and get cracking. You never know, your game could be the next big thing.


What better way to spend the day than with your friends and hit the road? Whether it’s to the beach, on a hike or even to the zoo, there’s plenty of fun to have on a day out. Blast some music and sing along, roll down the windows and get going. Let yourself relax with a day with the squad. You deserve it.


Your never too old for a good ol’ game of mini golf. Let the kid in you free and maybe your competitive streak too. Who care if you can’t aim or get it past the slope to the hole, it’s the company that counts. Plus, it’s always a blast failing with your friends.


How good are you and the gang at solving puzzles? Time to put those detective skills to the test with an escape room or two. Good chance to see your teamwork skills and bond over the mind twisters. Be quick, time’s ticking. Try to keep the yelling to a minimum though.


Who doesn’t love laughing at and with the squad? A night at karaoke is just the thing. Whether you can sing or not, let loose and belt out the words to your favourite songs in the judgement free zone that is friendship. Even better, try a duet. Maybe even a couple of shots to help the nerves.


Grab your friends, and then some more, put a list together of things to find around the city, make teams, then ready, set, go. Who can find the most and make it back before time runs out? Who has the best teamwork? Winners get a money-free evening.


Feeling creative? Or maybe just destructive but also in the mood for some company? Set up a canvas and some tarps and start pinning. Take turns and hope for the best. Get the speakers out, and let your worries go with every throw. And there’s the chance to poke some fun at everybody’s aim.


Check out of the worries of everyday life for a night or two (or more. We get it, life’s hard) with the peeps that make everything better. Grab the sleeping bags and the tents and take the time to connect with nature and perhaps even become even closer with your friends. And okay, if the tents and the wild don’t quite do it for you, there’s always glamping.

Everything’s better with people to share it with, and those days of boredom are no different. All you need are some great people, some good music, and a list of things to do ready if needed. Well, what are you waiting for? The days waiting.

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