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An Energising Morning Routine To Get You Through COVID-19 Self-isolation

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An Energising Morning Routine To Get You Through COVID-19 Self-isolation

Now that many of us are practicing social distancing and working from home, having a consistent morning routine is the secret to thriving through self-isolation due to COVID-19. The power of our minds and routines provides us with a great start to the morning, helping us conquer the day – even if we have nowhere to go!

Being at home for a long period of time can quickly make us feel lazy and uninspired. There’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish and unmotivated while staying inside the house. That’s why, it’s still super important to stick to a morning routine even through self-isolation! Morning routines assist you to think more clearly, achieve more during the day and keep your focus on what actually matters. Trust us, morning routines and rituals will set you up for success!

Rise Early

Our favourite place to be is… our beds! We all fall into the habit of hitting the snooze button once… twice… okay, three times! But if you’re working from home, you should treat the day as a normal work day – meaning, no catching extra z’s and sleeping in! Rising early enables you to properly prepare for the day ahead, so it’s also important to get a good amount of sleep the night before. Just think, while you wake during those early hours, you’re able to execute your routine while the rest of the world sleeps. The early bird gets the worm!

Make Your Bed

“Ugh, how is this the secret to success?”. Believe it or not, if there’s one habit you should adopt to improve your life, it’s making your bed every single morning. Doing this consistently will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride by completing the first task of the day. It encourages you to complete one task after another. It also simply reinforces that the little things in life matter. Small things tend to get overlooked but if you can get the little things right, you can do all the big things in life!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Drinking water first thing in the morning can singlehandedly help make your entire body feel energised for the day. Benefits include immediately increasing level of alertness, fuelling your brain, eliminating toxins, strengthening the immune system, firing up the metabolism, reinforcing healthy weight loss and improving skin radiance. Uhhh hellooo? If that doesn’t make you want to swap out caffeine for a glass of water in the morning, what will??

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

The food you consume is fuel for your body. So inevitably, your first meal of the day will have a significant effect on how you’ll feel for the rest of the day. Breakfast can still be yummy without high-sugar and high-fat. Think fibre, protein and good carbs - Avocado, oatmeal, fruit, yoghurt and green smoothies! These types of foods will give you the energy you need to get your day started.

Meditate / Exercise

If ever there was a perfect solution to reducing stress, it’s daily meditation. Morning meditation is like kryptonite to stress and anxiety. Meditation requires you to slow down, commit to the process and control your thoughts. It can be a life-altering, positive experience and we all need that right about now! Setting aside even just five minutes of complete focus, content and peacefulness can set the tone of your day and leave you feeling optimistic and grateful.

Same goes for exercise. Getting that body movin’ will release those endorphins that are known to increase happiness and your overall energy levels. It doesn’t even need to be a full-on gym workout – start with stretching and some yoga, or following along to quick and easy YouTube home workouts! Listen to some upbeat, empowering jams and get going!


Even while we stay home, it’s obviously common sense that it’s important to stay so fresh and so clean clean! But a warm shower in the morning can actually help stimulate our lymphatic system, helping to energise our whole body! It’s the answer to a quick burst of rejuvenation!

Make a To Do List

Jotting down a quick To Do list is the best way to create structure to your day. Staying at home can bring your usual routine out of whack, making you feel less organised. Setting your intentions for the day and checking things off as you go will give you a sense of accomplishment and increase productivity. Get up and get *ish done - No excuses!

Get Dressed

Yeah, we might not have anywhere to go but there’s nothing wrong with getting ready and changing out of your pj’s or workout wear to help you feel more confident and put together! If you look good, you feel good, right?!

Rise and shine, people!

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