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To be the best you can be, you have to see the best you can see. Luckily, there are always plenty of amazing things to see in this neck of the woods (or should we say neck of the nest), so all you have to do is open your eyes wide, and take in the wondrous views!

Holy Holy | Miami Marketta

Praise the lord! Fresh off the release of their critically acclaimed second album Paint, Aussie duo Holy Holy are embarking on their Paint national tour. Stopping in at our nest’s very own Miami Marketta along the way, ready yourself for a spiral of colours in a live show that has been praised by all-comers. Armed with a rich and potent barrage of new material, including hits like Darwinism, Elevator, and That Message, be prepared to be splattered in paint, and love every second. Holy Holy are about to Paint the town red!

Black Mist Burnt Country | The Arts Centre

Commemorating the British atomic tests in 1950s Australia, Black Mist Burnt Country invites viewers into a vivid and intense world of colour and feeling, courtesy of over 30 of Australia’s top Indigenous artists. Featuring works that span the last 7 decades, Black Mist Burnt country explores a variety of artistic perspectives, from post-war modernists to present day artists, in eclectic mediums such as sculpture, printmaking, painting, photography and music. Delving into the impact and legacy of the British atomic test programs at Maralinga, Emu Field and Montebello Islands, Black Mist Burnt Country will leave a poignant image burnt into your mind!

Beenleigh Artisan Distillers

Award winning rum? Don’t mind if we do. If you’re in the mood for an internationally acclaimed drink (or four), then Beenleigh Artisan Distillers is the place to be. Bringing home award after prestigious award at the recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition, they might have sore necks from carrying all those medals, but the smooth, unforgettable aftertaste will wash those worries away. Picking up silver medals for their Beenleigh 10-Year-Old Rum, Beenleigh White Rum, Beenleigh Port Barrel Rum, and Beenleigh Vodka, plus a bronze for their Beenleigh Double Barrel Rum, you have no shortage of award-winning options to sip on. Or, if you’re really thirsty, why not try them all? Beenleigh drops are top of the pops!

Klubknight | Bot

Joining together through passion, and the desire to create a scene at their local, Klubknight are half deep house, half post-dub, and all wild. Assaulting your senses with their genre defying musical sensibilities, they’re now unleashing their new track Bot. It’s not exactly the type of robot you’re used to, but it’s one the Gold Coast duo are certain you’ll grow to love, over and over again. Klubknight are your knights in shining armour, riding into battle to save rescue you from boredom and bad music!

The Adventures of Peter Pan | The Art Centre

Dubbed the family event of the year, The Arts Centre are putting on an unmissable performance of The Adventures of Peter Pan and TinkerBell in Return to Pantoland (it’s a bit of a mouthful, we admit), jam packed with Gold Coast talent. Some shows claim to have it all, but this one really does. Spectacular special effects. Oodles of audience interaction. Riotous comedy. Infectious song and dance. Glorious sets. Glittering costumes. And the best part is that Peter Pan never grows older, so this is guaranteed entertainment for any age. Journey to neverland!

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Dominic Murray

Dominic Murray

Words have always been my passion; creating them, arranging them, sharing them. Studying Creative Writing and Journalism at Griffith is just a natural extension of this. When I graduate to at the end of the year, I will continue pursuing this passion, with the ultimate goal being to publish original works of fiction. Really, though, any type of writing will do – it’s the best way to be reclusive, yet still connect with the entire world. In between times, I can be found head-banging in mosh pits, aggravating neighbours with my guitar, screaming in filled sports stadiums (or just at the TV), or (most likely) curled up in bed with hours of comedy streaming on Netflix, and, ideally, a strong glass of scotch within arm’s reach. If I’m feeling more productive, replace Netflix with a novel; something post-modern, the more obscure, the better. Then again, nights in bars filled with friends and alcohol are never declined. If there’s still some time left over, I have occasionally (maybe reluctantly) been spotted at the gym. Born in Christchurch, but an adopted Gold Coast local, I enjoy colourful clothes, rainbow people, dark humour, my dogs, and also everyone else’s dogs.