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You don’t have to be able to sing to appreciate the sweetest sounds around, but it doesn’t hurt! Whether becoming an official rock god in the shower, having the crowd eating out of the palm of your hand while waiting in traffic, of belting along to every word at a groovy gig, there’s no greater joy than nailing that high note and being high on life. We hear your tune, so sing loud and proud!

Coming into Fashion | The Arts Centre

Hear that? It’s the call of the runway, screaming your sexy name. And on your way to strut your stuff, step into The Arts Centre’s hot upcoming exhibition Coming into Fashion: A Century of Photography at Condé Nast for some tasty tips. Celebrating some of the most glamorous and show-stopping images from the past century of fashion, the publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Glamour will be opening its archives for your viewing pleasure. Beautiful, provocative, and glamorous, you’ll be coming into fashion, and leaving in fashion!

Thurston Moore | Rock N Roll Consciousness

Hold onto your socks, because Thurston Moore’s powerful new album Rock N Roll Consciousness is about to rock them off. Released through Caroline Australia, the iconic Sonic Youth frontman’s new album packs a heavyweight punch, sure to open your eyes and ignite your very own rock consciousness. Supported by a massive world tour – with as yet unannounced Australian dates (fingers crossed!) – the live energy will jump from expansive to intimate, anthemic to familiar, and mystical to real, all at a moment’s notice. It’s only rock n’ roll, but we love it!

Winston Haggle | The Arts Centre

If you like your comedy as black as your coffee, darker than the night sky, and more bitter than a lemon & grapefruit smoothie, then The Turn of Winston Haggle is the only place to be. Created by Gold Coast playwright RK Musgrave, The Turn of Winston Haggle follows a bitter, misanthropic man after his Aunt’s shocking death. Exactly what he does is for you to discover, but we can assure it’s filled with twisted irony, merciless belly laughs, and dark social commentary. Turn up to The Turn of Winston Haggle, and you won’t be disappointed!

The Walking Who | Miami Tavern

Who are The Walking Who, you ask? Well, stroll into Miami Tavern this Sunday, and you’ll know exactly who. If you can’t wait that long, then spoiler: the Aussie psych-rock quartet are ones to watch out for, following the massive success of their sophomore release Lewiside, and two tasty forays into Europe. Returning to conquer their homeland should be a walk in the park. Or maybe a walk in the who. We’re not totally sure. What we do know is that Mylee Grace will be providing sensational support, which will leave you craving more. Walk into The Walking Who, and walk out a fan!

GD FRNDS | Miami Shark Bar

What do you get when you mix no-nonsense rock music, a poster that looks like it crawled out of the 80s, and an all-out Christmas-themed bash? GD FRNDS, that’s what. Pairing the urge to party with the Gold Coast’s best live talent seems like a no-brainer, and that’s exactly what GD FRNDS have done. Their fourth showcase will see Idiio headline a stacked bill, which also features the deep, dark electronica of Tesla Cøils, and the long-awaited live debuts of Daily Holla and DiskoDisco. Get ready, because GD FRNDS are about to become your new BST FRNDS!

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Dominic Murray

Dominic Murray

Words have always been my passion; creating them, arranging them, sharing them. Studying Creative Writing and Journalism at Griffith is just a natural extension of this. When I graduate to at the end of the year, I will continue pursuing this passion, with the ultimate goal being to publish original works of fiction. Really, though, any type of writing will do – it’s the best way to be reclusive, yet still connect with the entire world. In between times, I can be found head-banging in mosh pits, aggravating neighbours with my guitar, screaming in filled sports stadiums (or just at the TV), or (most likely) curled up in bed with hours of comedy streaming on Netflix, and, ideally, a strong glass of scotch within arm’s reach. If I’m feeling more productive, replace Netflix with a novel; something post-modern, the more obscure, the better. Then again, nights in bars filled with friends and alcohol are never declined. If there’s still some time left over, I have occasionally (maybe reluctantly) been spotted at the gym. Born in Christchurch, but an adopted Gold Coast local, I enjoy colourful clothes, rainbow people, dark humour, my dogs, and also everyone else’s dogs.