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Gold Coast's Best Milkshakes

Shake it Off!

Gold Coast's Best Milkshakes

Winter is here, the flowers are growing (it's the GC), but still, no sign of boys in your yard. After last year’s disappointing harvest, you’re slightly worried. Will they ever bloom? Well, fear not, the Gold Coast is home to an array of sumptuous, satisfying milkshakes (damn right, they’re better than yours) that suit all tastes. Whether you’re seeking decadent delights, refreshing treats, or just a good old fashioned brain freeze (drinking slowly is for squares) the Gold Coast has you covered. Follow this guide, and your yard is sure to become a veritable hotspot in no time.

Ridiculous Shakes at burgster

Ridiculous by name, delicious by nature, burgstr’s milkshake philosophy is that lines are meant to be crossed, and the chocolate malteaser shows why. As the name suggests, the shake is ideal for chocoholics. You’re essentially mainlining liquid chocolate, because sometimes chewing is too much to handle. Due to potential spillages, it’s served on a plate, so remember not to wear white. This decadent shake may be closest you’ll come to drinking from the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The crowd-pleaser-Malteser ridic-shake (only $12)... you gotta get in and and try it!

Blackboard Coffee

If regular-sized milkshakes don’t quench your thirst, go grande with Blackboard’s supersized shakes, which prove once and for all that size does matter, and bigger is better. Featuring over a litre of creamy goodness, these megashakes are the best kind of challenge. We accept! Take your time, or finish the shake in one brisk sitting (and prepare for the consequences). Either way, rest assured knowing they’re made from quality local ingredients.

Lester and Earl

Can’t choose between a cocktail or a milkshake? First world problems strike again. Sure, you could have both, but that’s a lot of liquid, and you can’t be running to the bathroom all night. Lester and Earl have resolved this age-old dilemma, combining peanut butter and jelly ice-cream, strawberry syrup, berry liquor, vodka, and whipped cream into one mouth-watering, party-starting, milkshake. You can never have too much of a good thing, and this proves it. So.....what would happen if you mixed, mudcake, dark chocolate fudge, dark choc icecream, milk, whipped cream, smashed Oreos and toasted's the answer!! #freakshakes

Café 4 U

If traditional milkshakes are more to your tastes, Southport’s Café 4 U has the shake 4 U. Served in a classic metal cup, with copious scoops of ice cream and squirts of syrup, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a 1950s American diner. No need for fancy tricks or gimmicks, these simple yet charming shakes speak for themselves. Why change a winning formula?

Gangster and Gatsby

What do you get when you start with a chocolate-lined waffle cone, nestle it in a milk bottle, infuse it with a salted caramel thick shake, lash it with sweet sticky syrup (say that five times quickly) and adorn it with miscellaneous treats? If you answered ‘a riddle in a paradox in an enigma’, you’re close. The team at Gangster and Gatsby can’t define this ‘Un-Named Creation’ either, but they do know it’s delectable. It’s up to you to decide whether to chew it, lick it, suck it, or drink it (or all four at once). No matter how you consume this creative milkshake, your tastebuds will thank you.

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