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Rainy Day Bucket List

Fun and creative activities to do when it rains

Rainy Day Bucket List

We all know that feeling of waking up to rain. Whether it’s the 'what-a-nice-day-to-stay-in-bed' feeling or the 'I-want-to-do-something-but-don’t-know-what' feeling. We’ve all been there. Here are some things to keep you occupied on those rainy days.



Bring out your inner Picasso with a paint day or get those little plot bunnies out of your head and on paper, and just get those creative juices flowing (let it flow, let it flow, don’t hold it back anymore… sorry, not sorry). Whether it’s to express some of those feelings you’ve been having or just for the fun of it, getting creative on a rainy day can keep your mind active and boredom at bay. Who knows, you might find a hidden talent and create a masterpiece.


Time to try that one recipe you’ve been meaning to or use up those ingredients that have been waiting oh so patiently in the cupboard that you just haven’t had the time to use. Or maybe even pull up some new recipes that you’ve never heard of before; it could make for a very interesting result that will become a good story or could set you up for the whole week. Open your playlist, pour a wine and have some fun with it. Maybe a few dance moves will slip their way in.


A perfectly fine way to pass the day. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read (or that book you’re re-reading instead of that new book you promised yourself you’d get to) or pull up your favourite movie, pour a cuppa, grab some snacks and enjoy the day for what it is. There’s nothing wrong with some downtime, especially if the weather is basically telling you to do so. May as well enjoy it while it’s there.


Yep, that’s right. Cleaning. It can be very therapeutic and help clear your mind. It’s autonomic too. Put on some tunes (throwback is always fun), grab a garbage bag and get started. Who knows, you might find that ‘safe place’ you forgot about or find a childhood picture. Keep what need (or want) and throw the stuff you don’t. Better yet, anything that could be worth something, put in a separate bag to donate or give away. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Do yourself a favour and get rid of the clutter, you’ll thank yourself later.



All kids love a good pillow fort (adults too, let’s be honest), and what better way to spend time with the little rascals than setting up the best dang pillow fort they’ve ever seen? Grab some blankets and pillows, you can even go as far as to grabbing the snacks. Set up a movie and they’ll be good for some time to come.


Make a contest out of it. Pick a theme and see who comes up with the best idea and execution for it. Get the kids and the adults involved and be creative, there’s a bit for everyone. And if you think you’re too old, well, you’re never too old for a good ol’ Lego building contest.


Keep the kids occupied with that puzzle you never got around to finishing (or starting, who are we kidding). It’s also a good way to spend some time with the kiddies, while keeping them and you busy with something to do. Family fun time is a go!


Speaking of family fun time, bring out the boardgames and other fun stuff. Got to keep the kids up to date with the classic, am I right? Snakes and Ladders, Uno, charades and dare we say it, Monopoly. Let loose and have a laugh. Laughter is the best medicine after all. #fambamtime



When the cabin fever’s acting up and you need to leave for a little while, a museum is always handy; indoor, but away from home. Whether it’s an art museum, science or historic, it makes for an interesting day out. Grab a couple of friends and check it out. You could even make a game of it: who can caption the displays the best? You’re sure to be in for a good laugh. Good for either a day out with friends or even the kids.


How good are your detective skills? Grab your gals and your pals and try out an escape room or two. With time ticking away, the chaos will rise, which let’s be real, is hilarious. You can forget the rain for a little bit as you get in the zone and channel your inner Sherlock to find the clues.


Have it out at the local arcades and see if you can beat any of the high scores. Whether it’s with friends or the kids, there’s bound to be something that spikes interest. Play, watch, have a laugh and enjoy the day away from the rain.

The day might be dreary but that doesn’t mean you have to be too. There’s plenty of adventures to be had indoors to make the day worthwhile. And if the cabin fever really starts to become too much, there’s always the option of dancing in the rain.

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Alexa Willis

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