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Sock Sensation

Fashion Faux-Pas or Funny Fashion you can’t live without?

Sock Sensation

Who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? Whether it’s curling up on your couch with your favourite pair of fluffy bed socks or slipping those boring plain socks on under a pair of pants and tucked in your runners. Our favourite thing to do is step out of our comfort zone and live on the wild side of life. Get life to sock a little less and show the world some attitude and fun with these trends.

Go forth with these beauties. They’ll knock your socks off.


Forget the shoes. Who needs them when you have Sandal Socks? With these you’ve got the best of both worlds. Having guests over and need to look the part? Perfectly fine, slip these on. All the while, able to kick back and relax without having to worry about dirtying the furniture.

Forget what fashion says, these are for any and all who dare go against the mainstream (maybe even a perfect gift for dad, perhaps?). Practical and comfortable. Plus, you get to watch as those around you groan at your great sense of fashion and humour.

And who knows, you could be setting a trend for future fashionista’s.


Feeling snarky, but also cute? Well we have some good news for you with these socks. Want to be left alone? Done with everything? Or even just need to express yourself? Kick back and let your socks do the talking.

Bring a little joy into your days – and your feet – with socks that let others know they can sock it. Perfect for women who need that something extra with their sass. Who says socks are a bad gift?

Need a little boost of confidence when you go out? Just want to enjoy a nice uninterrupted day at home? Whether they’re under layers of clothing or on display, these may very well be that boost of sass you’re looking for.

And not just for women either. You and your beau could have a sock off. Who can find the funniest or rudest?


Want a way to stand out in the crowd? Don’t get cold feet now. This sock trend can help you do just that. Grab the right pair and your outfit could be cuter than ever.

What better way to show your quirky side than pairing a funky pair of socks with your flats? From ballet flats to your normal everyday walking shoes. A little weird never hurt anybody, it makes for a more interesting life.

Start a new trend and make your socks part of your outfit rather than trying to hide them. It could be a perfect pair. Before long you could be heel-ing the fashion of those around you as they kick up a storm following your style.

Maybe give yourself a bit of spice and be more extra. Have a little fun with it; embrace your differences and stand out. Make it a game: how weird can you get? Get your friends involved and see who can de-feet each other. The fashion police may come knocking, but when you look this cute how could it possibly be wrong?

With the sole purpose of having fun, these trends are a must. Whether it’s under your clothing or free for all, we all need a little something extra in life. Start with these sock trends and we’ll see you out there. You’ll either find your style or have fun trying.

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Alexa Willis

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