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20 Sober Saturday Activities

Bucket list for alcohol-free fun

20 Sober Saturday Activities

Are those tequila nights starting to catch up to you? Or are you feeling that wasted is wasting your time? Whatever your reason, we are here to present with your new sober-bucket list. We promise you that going sober doesn’t mean going bored!

1. Go on a hike

You may the most unfitted person you know, but walking a track doesn’t have to be a drag! The Gold Coast has been blessed with the most beautiful rainforest and bush, which sometimes we neglect. A particular favorite for the locals is Purling Brook Falls at Springbrook, which takes a couple of hours to complete. Just think about how great you’ll feel after..and all without a sip of liquor.

2. Hover over water

You heard right! The Jetpack Flyboard phenomenon is here on the Gold Coast. Fancy getting a jetski-like motor strapped to your legs as you get propelled over water? Sounds amazing! It’s a truly unique experience with helpful instructors to make any beginner feel as ease. You wear a helmet with built in headphones so they can give you guidance as you fly. This kind of sober fun is something we love!

3. A round of shots

Get your mind out of the alcohol gutter…this is a different kind of shot. Feel the thrill of firing a gun at the Australian Shooting Academy with their wide range of firearms. This is a super safe way to experience something new, while under the supervision of professionals. It’s definitely a must-do!

4. Paintball

Battle it out on the field with paint! ‘Skirmish Gold Coast’ will make your heart race as you defend your flag (and honor) while fighting off the enemy. A referee will always be present to keep you safe, but mostly importantly, keep the other team from cheating. This is an exciting experience that doesn’t need alcohol and will stay with you long after you leave…no seriously the bruises last a while.

5. Don’t get wasted, get even

One, two, three, four, I declare a NERF GUN WAR! Verse your roommates in a glorious battle to see just who is worthy of the nurf-crown! Transform the house and backyard into the ultimate battleground using sheets, cardboard barricades – then set the ground rules and chose your team. Don’t forget to bet a wager, like the losing team is the winning teams slave for 48hrs. Things just got interesting….

6. High Tea

High Teas are becoming increasingly popular, especially around the GC. Get those pinkies up, grab a cucumber sandwich and catch up with some girlfriends the glamorous way. One of our faves is the Teavine House – it offers teas and morning/afternoon lunches with a vintage design woven into every detail. Charming!

6. Pamper Time

Relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle. Take some well deserved me-time and restore yourself through delectable treatments, melting massages and pamper packages. Gaia Retreat in Byron Bay keeps us coming back for more.

8. Theme park heaven

Call all big & little kids!!!! Who says you can’t ride that rollercoaster after you stuff your face with cotton candy, get your face painted AND have your picture taken with your favourite superhero? We say that’s how life was meant to be lived. BRB while we line up for a selfie with.

9. Jet-Ski

If you think about it, our GC is just one BIG playground – especially if you include the ocean. Rip up those waves with some full-throttle fun. Ignite your sense of adventure or cross this off your bucket list –it’s a must-do for every Gold Coaster.

10. Hot-Air Ballooning

Start your day in the most picturesque way. Rise above the city and let the view take your breath away on your hot air ballooning flight. Drift peacefully away (literally), take a deep breath and get a new perspective in the air.

11. High Ropes

WARNING: this is not your average high ropes course. Planet Commando will push you beyond your limits, but it is heaps of fun. This course has been designed to build your mental and physical fitness…so, if you’re up for a challenge, this is for you.

12. Shop till you drop

Fashionista’s unite! Relish in the good vibes and GREAT fashion at The Village Markets on every fourth Sunday of the Month, 8am to 1pm. This adorable market has created a quirky sense of community featuring small businesses, designers, artists, creatives, foodies, musicians, culture seekers and lovers of good vibes.

13. Throw a dinner party

Invite your closest sober friends over for a fun-filled night of food, games, and music at your house. It’s really not hard to have a good time with you substitute your usual alcoholic beverage for a delicious mocktail - you won’t notice the difference (expect the non-existent hangover the next day).

14. Take a cooking class

I can’t be the only one who burns water, right? Sharpen those culinary skills at the hands-on Tambourine cooking school. By the end of the day you will confidently say ‘Bon Apetit!’ about every meal you make. It sounds like a dream: working under a professional French chef, in a colonial style house set amongst the beautiful Mt Tambourine hinterland. Where do we sign up?!

15. Prankster alert!

If your hands seem to be twitching for that drink, put them to good use! Have a bit of harmless fun with those closest to you (aka: the victims). Top prank: Buy some battery alarm clocks, especially the ones with the annoying blare, set them 5 minutes apart (earlier the meaner) and hide them in your victims room. Let the games begin… For more prank ideas, here some we’ve prepared earlier.

16. Live music

Experiencing the Beergarden at Surfers Paradise is a right of passage for every local. If you feel up to face the challenge of temptation (stay strong), the Beergarden has a killer live music venue out on their 14-metre balcony. If the lure of the liquor is too strong, you could try a more sober friendly atmosphere, like the live gigs at the Chevron Renaissance shopping centre.

17. See a movie in style

Nothing is better than that smell of freshly popped popcorn and snuggling up to your significant other while both get captivated by some on-screen goodness. For your next alcohol free rendezvous try the Drive-in movies! One of our favourites right now is Eddie the Eagle – it will definitely give you that extra pick-me-up that you need.

18. Hit up the Night Quarter

Satisfy your craving for vintage/retro clothing to your favourite food (hello, Nutella donuts). Open every Friday and Saturday night from 4pm-10pm, this is the GC’s new night-time playground. Discover a world of diverse food, live music, emerging fashion and designers within this container city.

19. Buffet heaven

Buffet breakfasts are not exclusively available to just the severely hung over...who would have thought? TOP TIP: Go in with a game plan, I’m talking super strategic. You only have so much stomach space, thus choose wisely what delicious food you want to indulge in. We love the food at QTs’ Bazaar so much that we always make sure that we bring a friend to help us roll out of the restaurant. Check out the Gold Coast's best buffet's here. OMG!

20. Stand-up paddle board

Enjoying a day on the water at the beautiful Currumbin Creek and Stand-up paddle boarding. Not only is it a great smart-budget way to spend your Saturday, you also get a full body workout while you paddle up and down the coast line. Enjoy all this while soaking up some rays- this absolutely proves you can have some fun without that rum.

Go forth and sober…

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