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Best Bowls on the Gold Coast

Keep it yum and fun with these GC smoothie bowl options!

Best Bowls on the Gold Coast

Keeping to your New Year's Resolution diet should be easy, and it can be. Smoothie bowls, or acai bowls if you're fancy, are an easy way to up the nutrition in your diet and give you a little kick in the health department. Don't know where to get one? We can help you out, with this decisive list of the best places on the GC to get your bowl on!

Blendlove | Southport

Goals in a bowl, Blendlove offers some amazing options on their menu, both for on the go and in bowl form. Grab it after a run down Surfer's Paradise to pair your healthy meal with a workout!

Cardamom Pod | Southport and Broadbeach

Look at me, look at me, look at me. I've just got one word to say to you: vibrant. Cardamom Pod offers something spectacular to both eat and look at every time. Look at the pictures on their if you don't believe us.

Salt Mill | Currumbin and Kingscliff

Just south of the border, this local shop not only has an amazing atmosphere to soak up, it's also got some amazing bowls on offer. Take the trip down, make a day of it, and pick up something delicious while you're out.

Tugun Fruit and Flowers | Tugun

Not only can you get a delicious smoothie bowl here, but there's flowers too, look! Imagine going here and ordering your wedding flowers, then getting a bowl with your best friends. You could totally make that a reality!

Niche & Co | Tugun

This is a place with a great variety of flavours to choose from, which means you can totally cheat a little and get something a little naughty on the days you've earned it. And it's still healthy regardless! Snickers smoothie bowl? Yes please!

Following through on your resolutions doesn't need to be a drag this year with these great options. It can be hard to look after your health on the go, but the GC is so chockers full of great and healthy options, you need only look. Or ask us to look. We're trying too, you know!

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