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Coffee Shops on the Gold Coast You Must Try

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Coffee Shops on the Gold Coast You Must Try

We’re spilling the beans on the most popular coffee shops that you have to try on the Gold Coast. I can’t espresso how much coffee beans mean to the people on the Gold Coast…and how much my puns suck, but there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Coffee culture is a massive deal on the GC, and we want you to get involved. C’mon and chai new things, because it’s better latte than never!

Elk Espresso | Broadbeach

Elk Espresso prides themselves on pouring quality coffee for you all day long, using Single O beans and feature roasters from all around Australia. To go alongside this, they have seasonal menus that seem to get better and better each season, although we didn't think it was possible.

The Milkman’s Daughter | Mermaid Beach

I put The Milkman’s Daughter in almost all of my café/food/drink lists for the Gold Coast, but they've well and truly earned their place. When you order one of their specialty drinks such as the Charcoal Vanilla Iced Latte, or Dulce de Leche (Caramel) Iced Latte, you’ll receive a cute message attached to your drink with messages such as ‘you are beautiful’.

Bam Bam Bakehouse | Mermaid Beach

Bam Bam Bakehouse brings you the perfect dreamy Parisian morning, sipping your coffee and nibbling on some drool-worthy pastries. We can’t look past the Iced Mermaid Latte, mainly because of its name, but also because of the unique ingredients.

The Henchman | Miami

All the usual coffee options, with yummy added extras such as butterscotch syrup and maple syrup…count me in! The Henchman is unique, with its picturesque dining areas which include bean bags, swings, and a hammock to really paint the picture of Zen.

Next Door Espresso | Burleigh

Feel a little extra as you walk into Next Door Espresso in Burleigh, with bright white walls which bring a Mediterranean-inspired feel to the café. When you’re done sipping, head next door to St Barts which stocks luxury homewares, fashion, furniture, and fine art.

Social Brew | Burleigh

Sit under a canopy of green, luscious plants as you sip your morning coffee. Burleigh Heads is bustling with locals and tourists, but when you’re sitting down in this café that all seems distant. Focus on the green surroundings and your coffee, and nothing else will matter.

Barefoot Barista | Palm Beach

There is never a time when this place isn’t packed to the brim with people ordering coffee. Step out of your comfort zone by getting the Beetroot Latte – a blend of organic coconut blossom sugar, beetroot, vanilla, ginger and lime, on cow’s milk.

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