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Feel a connection | GC Cafes with Wifi

Create the Perfect Balance of Work and Play

Feel a connection | GC Cafes with Wifi

Things can get stale working or studying in the same space everyday. When you’re working from home, it can be easy to get distracted by little tasks that send you off track. Take yourself out for a business date where barista-made coffee, networking and scenery combine to ensure your time will be more valuable.

Street Corner Espresso

Support Street Corner – a family run café – while supporting yourself. Bring along your laptop and fuel up with rounds of coffees and burgers to get you through some last-minute planning or those final few assessments.


Nobby’s is always the top choice to go when you need to mentally unwind. A foodies galore that is just far enough from the centre to offer a sense of solitude. Barchinos allows you to get away without really going far. Check their Instagram for discounts and specials.

The Cardamom Pod, Broadbeach

With super comfy sofas, funky outdoor tables and a choice spot next to Victoria Park, The Cardamom Pod is somewhere to go when you want to get stuff done. Customers whir in and out, but that’s the urgency you need. Next-to-no wait time means you’ll be out the door shortly too.


BSKT is always a buzzing hub of creativity and conversation. The perfect place to network or hold a meeting with a sweet balance of salty air. The menu is packed with antioxidant-loaded food and drinks, so grab yourself a matcha latte to get your caffeine without the coffee buzz. An alert calm to get you through.


This raw and wholefood eatery is known for that all-necessary WiFi and incredible raw cheezecakes. Blending only the highest-quality ingredients to produce vegan, refined sugar free treats. Set up in the garden sun with your planner and a smoothie for a mini-escape.

The Black Sheep

The coffee is creamy and the café is cool. Often dubbed the best coffee in all of Cooly, plus the free WiFi won’t hurt. At this espresso bar, they’re proud of the quality and ethics of their product and the sense of community it creates.

Burleigh Space

Burleigh Space is a coworking space for innovative digital businesses and talented individuals from the creative and technical industries. They've got unlimited commercial grade NBN broadband service and most importantly including complimentary coffee making facilities

Edge-water Dining

Edgewater Dining and Lounge bar offers a series of traditional and unique coffee options. Cozy up and relax at their exquisite venue. Get into that #bossbabe or #businessbro vibe all and enjoy what they've got to offer! who says work can't be fun?

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Jamie-Lee Rowley

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