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GC's Best Dumplings

The Street Food that Sets the Mood

GC's Best Dumplings

Have you ever met a person that doesn’t love a good dumpling? We’ll leave you to ponder that for a moment… (the answer is no). Light and pillowy, soft and crunchy, pan-fried and boiled, you can’t go wrong with a good gyoza or delectable dumpling. Slip your chopsticks around the coast’s most mouth-watering picks.

Stingray Lounge

Up for something unconventional? Stingray will blow you away with their crazy flavour combinations. Cheeseburger dumplings… say no more.

Cha Cha Japanese Restaurant

This bad boy dates all the way back to 1994 and by now, boy do they know how to broil to perfection. Pick them up steamed or deep-fried and for less than $7 a serve. For the daring, get them swimming in red chilli oil!

Jimmy Wah’s

Serving it up from the sea, Jimmy’s offers the hottest plates of scallop dumplings, dancing with water chestnut and garlic. This modern Vietnamese shack will keep you coming back.


Authentic Asian fusion, brought to you by fond memories of Taiwanese night markets. The ever-popular Thai green chicken dumplings practically throw themselves out the door. Watch the chefs wrap the parcels right in front of you and count down the minutes until their in your eager mouths.

Apres Surf

You’ll catch two for one at Apres, as you get all the goodness of a dumpling and keep more money in your pocket too. On Thursday nights, they offer $1 dumplings, which means you can load up. Or spend the money you saved on drinks. We won’t judge.

Etsu Izakaya

Hidden behind a whitewash sliding door in Mermaid Beach, the only sign of life is a red lantern beside the door. Wagyu, mushrooms and scallions stuff gyozas to create deluxe and drool-worthy dumplings. Champions of the stuffed wonton. Wash it down with a beer from decorative Dragonball Z taps.

Harajuku Gyoza

If you're an absolute gyoza lover make your way to Harajuku Gyoza, they make their dumplings yum and fun in their restaurant. They bring traditions from Tokyo to serve Harajuku Gyoza izakaya-style with side dishes, beer, wine and sake. Don't be shy, order as many as you'd like we won't judge!

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Jamie-Lee Rowley

I’m a creative-visualist that loves bees, beers and devouring well-written books. A 70s babe, born in the 90s. I appreciate marmalade skies, write poems exploring female sexuality and equality and walk barefoot along off-beaten tracks. You’ll find me searching through vintage stalls, staring at obscure art, helping out at local markets, crowd surfing at live music events and sampling every acai the coast has to offer. As a certified Nutritional Therapist, I advocate sustainable living in the sun, the salt and the studio, a statue in Warrior II.