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Your End Of Summer Must-Do's

5 Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

Your End Of Summer Must-Do's

Dear Summer - Please don't leave. The days of sunshine and sun tanning may almost be over, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the final few weeks before Winter rolls around once again. Summer is for chasing waterfalls, going out and enjoying the best things about life - And with plenty of beautiful beaches to swim in and just as much incredible hinterland to go and explore, we've still got plenty to keep us occupied before the cooler weather rolls on in! Not totally sure how to spend the final few weeks of warmth? Don't worry - We've got just the thing!

Go Chasing Waterfalls

If you've lived on the Coast for any extended period of time, you'd almost certainly know about the incredible waterfalls hidden within the mountains of the Gold Coast Hinterland. Surrounded by lush rainforest and easy walking trails, chasing waterfalls is the perfect way to spend your weekend - So why not make some time to head on up there? Go for a couple of hours before lunch up on the mountain, or pack a picnic and your swimmers and make a day out it! Also, it's a super-cute date idea, and we promise that if you take cute Instagram photos you'll get some brownie points!

Go On A Hike

Fact: Right now is the best time to go for a hike. Why? Because it's not so hot that you'll get heatstroke, and it's not too cold that you'll be uncomfortable getting up before 10am! For a lot of us it's hard to find time to get out into nature - Particularly when a full-time job takes up most of our time - But if there's one thing that you have to do before the weather cools down, it has to be this. Whether you head down to Burleigh Headland for a quick hike after lunch or make your way out to Springbrook National Park for a longer trek, there's plenty of places to go - So grab your friends and your walking shoes and get out there!

Visit The Sunflower Fields

If your Insta feed looks anything like ours, chances are you're probably being flooded with photos of people standing in a field of sunflowers right now. Why? Because the flowers down at Farm & Co in Kingscliff are currently in full bloom! Located just south of the border about 40 minutes away, Farm & Co is the perfect place to go for a quick day trip down the Coast, selling plenty of fresh, delicious produce and surrounded by huge flowers perfect for brightening up your Insta feed! Charging just $5 entry, you can spend the day down there and grab as many photos as your heart desires - So why not grab some friends and go down for a photoshoot before they disappear for the year? You know you want to!

Go For A G.D.O (Girls Day Out)

Let's be real - Do we really need another excuse for a girls day out? Well, the answer is yes, yes we do! Given half the chance we could easily spend the entire day with our gal pals drinking coffee, eating food, relaxing and enjoying the sun, so with the Summer days slowly coming to a close, there's no better time to go out again than now! Hit up all of your old favourites for brunch or a pamper sesh, or if you're looking for something new go and spend a day sipping, shopping and celebrating in The Sanctuary Cove Marine Village! A day of pampering, eating, tanning and chatting? Um, #YESPLEASE!

Go On A Road Trip

We know that road trips generally happen during the holidays, but screw it - Why not take advantage of the final days of Summer and head off now! Book yourself into a romantic rainforest retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland, or pack your swimmers and head down south for a few days in Northern New South Wales! Can't get the time off? Take a weekend vacay or even just go for a day trip - You never know what you might find!

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