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What A Naturopath Could Do For You

Holistic Health is Your Wealth!

What A Naturopath Could Do For You

You’re at the doctor's, eyes shifting between the clock and the door. Another name is called out and, yet again, it isn’t yours. When you finally get that golden time, half an hour after your appointment was scheduled, you've palmed a prescription and sent out the door.

Professional Naturopaths

A professional naturopath has completed an Advanced Diploma in either Naturopathy or Health Science, is registered with a professional body and is insured appropriately.

The most significant difference between a naturopath and a doctor is that you don’t have to visit a naturopath when you are sick. Regularly scheduled appointments yield several benefits. Prevention is the best medicine.

A holistic program with natural medicines can boost your overall health and wellbeing, or address illness and regain your health.

A holistic approach

A naturopath is a holistic approach to wellness. Holistic medicine addresses mental, emotional and physical issues. This style of treatment focuses on the root cause so you can repair from within, rather than popping pills to treat the symptom. These plans draw on the bodies natural repair systems and allow the body to heal itself.

Styles of treatment

The underlying principles are a healthy diet, fresh water, sunlight, stress management and exercise. Your naturopath can offer a range of treatment options including herbal medicine, dietary programs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essences, iridology, kinesiology and counselling, among other things.

Alleviation from conditions

You’ll walk out the door with a shifted focus on health and wellbeing, the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Naturopaths also focus on a range of conditions that can be alleviated or improved by your new lifestyle changes, including allergies, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, back pains, depression, digestive issues, migraines and skin problems.

Alternative medicine

Where medicine fails, alternative medicine steals the show. Conventional medicine often fails to achieve desired results, but naturopathy focuses on educating the individual on taking care of themselves to minimise symptoms and balance the body.

About the Author

Jamie-Lee Rowley

Jamie-Lee Rowley

I’m a creative-visualist that loves bees, beers and devouring well-written books. A 70s babe, born in the 90s. I appreciate marmalade skies, write poems exploring female sexuality and equality and walk barefoot along off-beaten tracks. You’ll find me searching through vintage stalls, staring at obscure art, helping out at local markets, crowd surfing at live music events and sampling every acai the coast has to offer. As a certified Nutritional Therapist, I advocate sustainable living in the sun, the salt and the studio, a statue in Warrior II.